Introducing Our New Behavioral Health Pavilion!

Mountain View Hospital opened its new Behavioral Health Pavilion Program on November 27th. This state-of-the-art unit will treat both adults and senior patients who are suffering from mental health issues.

What is a Behavioral Health Pavilion?

The Behavioral Health Pavilion at Mountain View Hospital is designed to provide a safe haven for seniors and adults suffering from depression, anxiety, dementia and other behavioral health diseases. This new facility is located on the first floor of our hospital in Payson, Utah.

To bring the best service to our patients, we recruited qualified and dedicated professionals to accurately diagnose and intervene with appropriate therapeutic treatment. Each of our skilled staff members (physicians, psychiatrists, registered nurses, licensed therapists and recreational therapists) is totally committed to serve all persons with respect and compassion.

Which services do we offer?

Our program is designed to address the special needs and interests of our patients and provides a safe, secure and supportive environment that:

–        Promotes stabilization

–        Provides psychiatric and medical diagnostic clarification

–        Stabilizes a patient treatment for a variety of mental disorders

–        Addresses self-sufficiency in daily living skills

–        Involves the family throughout the patient’s assessment and treatment

–        Offers a medical detoxification program

–        Returns patients to an optimal level of functioning

–        Works with community agencies in discharge planning to help the individual adjust after discharge from the program.

We recognize that choosing a behavioral health care provider is a very personal and significant decision. We can assure the patients who choose our program that they will find hope and health as they face anxiety, depression, addiction or other mental health disorders. We are dedicated to helping our patients get back to their lives.

How can you contact us?

Help is a phone call away! We welcome inquiries from individuals, family, friends, and professionals who seek solutions to behavioral health issues. We provide evaluations onsite and we have qualified mental health professionals available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to appropriately connect people in need of behavioral health services. If you have questions call our confidential resource line 1-877-707-3633.


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