Shoe Away Back Pain

Shoes, shoes, shoes. This may be a very exciting subject to some of you, maybe not others, but everyone needs to see these outrageous shoes.

There.  Now that we have satisfied our shoe craving for a minute or two let’s talk about something you may have not have thought of:  how shoes can affect your back—ahem, especially all you high heel wearers.

Most of us know that shoes greatly influence the way our feet feel, but did you know that shoes are quite often the culprit in back pain?  Our orthopedic surgeons know this all too well and they’re happy to share some smart advice for keeping back pain out of your life when it comes to shoes.

Make sure they fit: Too loose, too tight, or too high of a shoe will cause you to walk improperly.  Shifting your weight puts pressure and strain on your back.  Inexpensive or ridiculously pricey– doesn’t matter, if it fits right, it’s right for you and your back.

Make sure they’re made for what you’re doing: Wear the proper shoe for your activity.  Basketball requires basketball shoes, running requires running shoes, hiking requires hiking shoes…well you get the idea.  For the most support and stability wear the right shoe for your hobbies.

Help your back (and the rest of your body) by wearing supportive shoes: It is worth a few more dollars to be fitted for shoes so you know what styles and brands to shop for in the future.  Everyone’s feet are unique.  Some of us have high arches, while others have narrow feet—talk with an expert to find out what you need.

Don’t wear “owie” shoes just because they are in style. The pain is gonna get ya, probably sooner than later, especially in regards to your back.  Low pumps, wedges or flats that are of good quality with arch support and a little cushioning in the sole are best.  Fashionistas—if you must wear something that hurts, at least limit the time that you do.

While impractical and ill-fitting shoes are the culprit in many cases of back pain, there are many other causes.  If you’re suffering from back pain and need some answers, give Mountain View Hospital a call.


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