Hip Replacement Surgery

My eyes are not what they used to be. My wife would catch me blinking and squinting while I was driving, and she would ask why I hadn’t purchased glasses yet.

“Because,” I would say, “I’m used to not having them.”

“But they’ll make you see better,” she would reply in exasperation.

I finally gave in and started wearing glasses. And guess what? I can see well. I don’t squint at night when I’m driving. I can read the little scrolling bar-thingy at the bottom of SportsCenter. And I’m used to them.

How does this relate to hip replacement surgery you ask? I know there are lots of people out there who live in pain every day, and are trying to just grit their teeth and bear through it. Maybe they’re gulping down aspirin like Skittles, or maybe they’re just trying not to do anything to make the pain worse, limiting the pleasure they get out of life.

I’m talking about osteoarthritis, and if you have it, you know it can be a beast. It can even lead to joint failure, which is the most frequent cause of hip replacement surgery.

Hip replacement surgery is the #1 orthopedic surgery, and medical advances at places like Mountain View Hospital in Payson, Utah, are only making it a better option for older adults with severe osteoarthritis. Although surgery is only considered after other therapies and medications have failed, it can be just like getting glasses.

Here are some advances and reasons for hip replacement surgery:

  1. TUESDAY, July 15 (HealthDay News) — Undergoing hip or joint replacement surgery may well be worth the trouble for older adults with severe osteoarthritis, researchers say.
  2. THURSDAY, July 29 (HealthDay News) — Weight loss has been noted among patients who’ve had a knee or hip replacement, a new study says.
  3. Hall of Fame baseball catcher Johnny Bench (who has been called the “greatest catcher in baseball history) needed 2 hip replacements after squatting in the dust for so many years.

For those who might be suffering through pains of osteoarthritis, Mountain View Hospital in Utah County is doing great work in join replacement surgeries. If you have any questions, call (801) 465-7090 to talk to someone at the Payson hospital.

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